Feeling Secure

April 28, 2021

Feeling Secure

Luis Avalos has been a client of Epilepsy Alliance Florida for over 9 years. He was referred to Epilepsy Alliance Florida by family court for further assistance with his diagnosis. Luis shared that when he was diagnosed they briefly discussed his epilepsy and then he did not continue care with a neurologist His primary care was able to assist with the prescriptions for his medications.
Luis then lost insurance and was faced with large bills for his medication and medical attention. Once Luis joined Epilepsy Alliance Florida the neurologist was able to further explain about his seizures and epilepsy. He was able to gain further education on his diagnosis. He also gained access to affordable medication and the ongoing medical attention he was seeking and needing. Luis stated since he started with Epilepsy Alliance Florida he feels more secure about his health, he is feeling better than ever following the doctor’s treatment plan. He is grateful for the service he has received and continues to receive from Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

Our new name is Epilepsy Alliance Florida*Same Mission *Same Help *Same Services

As of April, 2022 Epilepsy Florida officially changes its organizational name to Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

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