I Have Epilepsy, It Doesn’t Have Me!

December 22, 2021

I Have Epilepsy, It Doesn’t Have Me!

Peter Bessette has been with Epilepsy Alliance Florida for about 10+ years cumulative since 2008. Peter was referred to Epilepsy Alliance Florida by his physician and he stated, “I had Cobra insurance, which would not cover the physician I was seeing at the time, so he recommended that I contact EAF to get financial help in covering expenses.” Some of the activities Peter has participated in are Walk the Talk for Epilepsy in New Smyrna Beach, and have also attended a couple banquets, one in Daytona and the other in New Smyrna Beach.

Peter said being a part of Epilepsy Alliance Florida’s activities and services has been significant stating, “I was able to meet and talk with other people who have epilepsy and hear their stories, as well as share mine.  I’ve also been able to share knowledge of doctors, and even let people know that EAF exists if they’re unaware already and are dealing with or know someone dealing with epilepsy.” Peter has succeeded with his diagnosis and is thankful that Epilepsy Alliance Florida has been able to help in ways such as helping with referrals and financial support for his doctor’s visits and getting testing done. Peter has a great outlook on life, a gratitude mindset, and has thrived being a part of Epilepsy Alliance Florida. In addition, he is an ally to the community which is important. Peter seems to be in a great place with managing his epilepsy and he shares, “I have been stable for several years now after an increase in medication. I feel that I’m lucky in this, however, should this ever change, it would be a challenge that I haven’t dealt with in quite some time. This could potentially put me in the mindset that I didn’t want to drive again, which I didn’t do for many years.  As of now, I don’t really have any challenges.  I do plan continue with your services.” Lastly, Peter points out, “Epilepsy has never and will never define who I am or hold me back from things I enjoy.”

Our new name is Epilepsy Alliance Florida*Same Mission *Same Help *Same Services

As of April, 2022 Epilepsy Florida officially changes its organizational name to Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

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