Stefano Leon | Faces of Epilepsy

July 22, 2019

Stefano Leon | Faces of Epilepsy

Stefano Leon became a client with Epilepsy Alliance Florida in 2005, he was a senior in high school, struggling to maintain his grades. Like many students with epilepsy, school can be very challenging. Stefano has been a great participant throughout his years with Epilepsy Alliance Florida. He has been part of many support groups and has even volunteered for Camp Boogy Creek. Stefano has previously mentioned that he wants to be able to attend college and earn a degree. According to family and friends Stefano works well with technology and that is something that has always sparked his interest.

Stefano has been a part of several programs that attempted to assist him with obtaining an IT education. Unfortunately, due to his diagnoses and previous educational evaluations he was misguided into alternate paths which did not coincide with his goals. With the assistance of Epilepsy Alliance Florida, Stefano was referred to the Marino Campus which is part of Florida International University. This program helps young adults with disabilities to gain the college experience while working towards their career goals. After much deliberation and patience Stefano was accepted to the Marino Campus IT program and is to start on September of 2019. Tuition for this program has been funded through the Vocational Rehabilitation program. Stefano is very happy and excited to start this new chapter, he is one step closer to his life goal. 

Our new name is Epilepsy Alliance Florida*Same Mission *Same Help *Same Services

As of April, 2022 Epilepsy Florida officially changes its organizational name to Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

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