Adam Adache

Adam Adache


Adam Adache has extensive experience in various aspects of the real estate industry, including finance, acquisition, development, and construction. He is a managing partner of Cavache Properties, a real estate development and Investment Company, and manages the various aspects of the company’s day-to-day operations. As a principal in multiple entities, he has been involved in various commercial, multifamily, and residential real estate projects throughout Florida. He currently serves as managing partner of Adache Real Estate and is a partner in Adache Group Architects. Adam is also a principal and co-founder of Cavache, Inc., a dredging, marine, and land development contractor that has site developed over 2,000 acres of land throughout Florida and has performed dredging and marine work for various private and public entities. He is a certified, licensed General Contractor and a licensed Real Estate Broker in Florida.

Adam lives in South Florida with his wife Monica and two daughters, Maya, and Ana Camila. His oldest daughter Maya has had intractable epilepsy since her first seizure at six months old. She has been on multiple medications throughout her life and had brain surgery at the age of 8. Adam and his family continue to fight the fight. They know firsthand how epilepsy and many of the associated health issues can affect a family. Finding a cure, new treatment options, and improving the lives of patients and families with epilepsy is significant to Adam and his family.

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As of April, 2022 Epilepsy Florida officially changes its organizational name to Epilepsy Alliance Florida.

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